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There's snow! Snow~ I shouldn't be excited about it, really, but it'ssnow! And it sort of reminds me of home. (I hope it's doing okay.)

Some kid threw a snowball at me, so I clobbered him with one when he was turned around. There's a reason why I had the best throwing arm in the academy. You get a lot of practice with snowball throwing when you grow up in my hometown! (You also get a lot of experience dodging monsters. Stupid rabbits.)

Anyway, I'm out of customs. Been out for a good while now. I just felt like looking around for a while before saying anything. Is that okay?

Anybody care to treat a girl to her first meal as a citizen? Hmm? How about you, Reno? You could get a drink at the same time. :)


Will do! And try not to get into trouble on the way, okay?

Just concerned about your well-being. You know, the usual.
Heh. No guarantees, y'know.

There's no need t'worry about that shit, Elena.
Believe me, I know. I know you well enough to know that I have to say that more than a few times.

I can't help it!
Heh. Figures.

I know.