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There's snow! Snow~ I shouldn't be excited about it, really, but it'ssnow! And it sort of reminds me of home. (I hope it's doing okay.)

Some kid threw a snowball at me, so I clobbered him with one when he was turned around. There's a reason why I had the best throwing arm in the academy. You get a lot of practice with snowball throwing when you grow up in my hometown! (You also get a lot of experience dodging monsters. Stupid rabbits.)

Anyway, I'm out of customs. Been out for a good while now. I just felt like looking around for a while before saying anything. Is that okay?

Anybody care to treat a girl to her first meal as a citizen? Hmm? How about you, Reno? You could get a drink at the same time. :)


Commoner's knowledge? Uhm, what do you mean by that?

I don't think I could throw three. Maybe one or two if I'm lucky.
Oh, nothing. Something I learned from a friend.

Well, not three at once silly. Three in rapid succession! Miss Elena Rapid Throw! Haaaaaaaa! Something like that.

Haaa! You're funny, Tamaki. XD Though that nickname sounds pretty impressive. The fastest Turk on the planet, Miss Elena Rapid Throw! It's just like something from a play!
The happiness of a lady is my sole purpose in life. But creating titles is sort of a hobby of mine. I'm glad you like it!