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thoughtful incognito

Log 013

Well, thanks to a certain someone who will remain nameless (RENO), I'm out one fuzzy little gerbil. I can't even give Nemo the dignity of a burial in the bushes out on the quad. There's nothing left of my poor fuzzy little baby. I won't sink to Reno's level and hurt his fish in retaliation for the Nemo-napping and subsequent murder of said gerbil. (Besides, Reno's fish would probably bite all my fingers off if I tried to grab it.) So the fish will live another day.

I did, however get a new pet! There was a store in Cordova selling these adorably fuzzy rabbits. There were rabbits near my hometown (even if they tried to kill you), so I couldn't resist getting a furry little... "lop-lop", I think is what the salesperson said the breed was. They're so cute! Again, I'll get a picture of the little dear up as soon as I can. (And no, Reno, you are NOT naming her.)

...Expensive, though. Uhm, Tseng? Sir? ...Could I have a slight advance on my next paycheck? Only about ten dollars. I need money for meals and, well, the supplies for the rabbit cost me a lot of money. S-sorry if it seems like begging!


[private to Matt]

No, no. It's sweet of you to offer, but no security. I got this one under control. And if all else fails, Reno'll just get his paycheck cut again. That usually keeps him under control.

That and I can kick his butt if need be. I'm tougher than I look, you know. :)

((And again, to the right person this time!))

[private to Elena]

Ahaha, okay. I'll be rootin' for ya then. Just holler if you change your mind though.

[private to Matt]

You got it. I need any help, I'll drop you a line. Thanks, Matt!