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Ah! This sounds like it'll be a lot of fun! And I've never seen that opera before, so it's bound to be entertaining.

But I need something better than a suit to wear to the gala. Hmm...

Uhm, Rangiku? Could you help me find a... uhm, a dress?


:o! i can! when are you available~?
Any time tomorrow! Or right now, actually! My schedule's wide open at the moment. :)

Meet in front of the dorms?
absolutely~ what do you look like, so I know that's you when I see you?? :)
I've got short blonde hair and blue eyes. Just look for a girl in a blue suit and that'll be me! :)

This'll be fun!
wonderful!!! :D

((OOC: I'm on IronyofMankind if you want to do this via AIM! Thread works well too!))