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loyal to the end

Has anyone seen Tseng? He usually passes by my dorm on the way to wherever it is he goes at this time of night, but this time, he wasn't there. It's kind of weird, isn't it, Reno? Have you seen Tseng today? Has he been in the area? I got a small amount of info to deliver to him regarding the investigation, but I can't deliver it if he's not around!

This isn't like Tseng. Not at all. I'm a little worried. No word, no sign, no nothing. Where did he go to?



Christ, Elena. The man prob'ly has other shit to do besides walk by your door, y'know.
But Reno, he always follows a routine. Even back home, he would walk by the office at exactly 9:35. Every day. I think the only time he was ever late was during the Meteor Crisis.

...I'm worried, Reno. Can you check his room and see if he's there?
Another reason he's dubbed Mr Boring.

Will ya stop whinin' if I do?
I'm not whining! I'm just worried, that's all.

...Aren't you worried at least a little bit?
You're always worried, Elena.

Hell no.
Can you blame me? I... I worry about you guys. All of you. You're my coworkers. And... well, my friends.

Please go check, Reno. Please? I'll buy you a pastry if you do.
Don't get all mushy on me now.

Fine, FINE. But I don't need your goddamn pastry. Not when I'm gonna win our little bet.
No you're not. I'm going to win the bet! And remember, I like the pastries with strawberry jam in them. Not the ones with the almondy paste in them.
Just for that, you're gonna get nothin' but the almondy paste shit. If you win, that is. WHICH YOU WON'T.
It is strange for a man such as him to stop contact with his operatives. He may have met with some misfortune.

When have I not?

That time. When you.. didn't. Yeah.
.. BUBBY 8]
Stop that.
Okay partner. :[