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Apr. 2nd, 2008

coloful girl


Paperwork's really been piling up lately. As fast as I fill it out, more arrives! I've gotten pretty good at filing it quickly and moving on. Sis'd be proud of me; maybe I beat her at that much. It seems like there's a lot of stuff that's happened around here! Ever since that one week...

...I was in the hospital for a while after that. Who were those people who pulled us out? I don't mind the help; anything was better than that foggy town. Than being chased. Heck, compared to that place, the hospital was a paradise! At least that one nurse would get me more gelatin if I asked for it.

Tseng, sir! Don't forget that you still owe me that dinner. And let's hope that nothing else weird happens this time. It's been interrupted enough times, you know?

Jan. 27th, 2008

coloful girl

(no subject)

What is going on around here?!

Somebody come here and explain this to me. Please. What's going on?

Reno? Shacho? Tseng? Tamaki? Please be all right.

Jan. 2nd, 2008



There's snow! Snow~ I shouldn't be excited about it, really, but it'ssnow! And it sort of reminds me of home. (I hope it's doing okay.)

Some kid threw a snowball at me, so I clobbered him with one when he was turned around. There's a reason why I had the best throwing arm in the academy. You get a lot of practice with snowball throwing when you grow up in my hometown! (You also get a lot of experience dodging monsters. Stupid rabbits.)

Anyway, I'm out of customs. Been out for a good while now. I just felt like looking around for a while before saying anything. Is that okay?

Anybody care to treat a girl to her first meal as a citizen? Hmm? How about you, Reno? You could get a drink at the same time. :)

Jan. 1st, 2008

on the job


Shacho got contact from a group called MDEA , saying they were interested in our world. Why, I don't know. We're trying our best to rebuild after the Meteor Crisis and everything that came from that. They wanted Tseng- my superior- to come to this place as an ambassador. I don't know why these guys were so interested in us, but he went.

So I followed. Hey, we're Turks. We stick together! Or at least I try to stick close to them. It's hard, what with Reno getting drunk and Tseng docking his pay and all. I swear, it's hard work being one of the sane ones! At least the trip wasn't that horrible. (I've been in worse situations. Trust me.)

Here's what I don't get. Why did I have to give up my gun and my Materia? I like that Materia! And that gun. Hmph. Stupid customs people. Anybody know how I can get it back? I don't use it except for self-defense, I swear!

I wonder if anybody else got through yet...

(no subject)


All journal entries below this point have no impact on the current status of Elena. Please disregard them if you're coming from the Desai game. Thank you!

Apr. 8th, 2007

thoughtful incognito

Log 013

Well, thanks to a certain someone who will remain nameless (RENO), I'm out one fuzzy little gerbil. I can't even give Nemo the dignity of a burial in the bushes out on the quad. There's nothing left of my poor fuzzy little baby. I won't sink to Reno's level and hurt his fish in retaliation for the Nemo-napping and subsequent murder of said gerbil. (Besides, Reno's fish would probably bite all my fingers off if I tried to grab it.) So the fish will live another day.

I did, however get a new pet! There was a store in Cordova selling these adorably fuzzy rabbits. There were rabbits near my hometown (even if they tried to kill you), so I couldn't resist getting a furry little... "lop-lop", I think is what the salesperson said the breed was. They're so cute! Again, I'll get a picture of the little dear up as soon as I can. (And no, Reno, you are NOT naming her.)

...Expensive, though. Uhm, Tseng? Sir? ...Could I have a slight advance on my next paycheck? Only about ten dollars. I need money for meals and, well, the supplies for the rabbit cost me a lot of money. S-sorry if it seems like begging!

Mar. 13th, 2007


(no subject)

Ah! This sounds like it'll be a lot of fun! And I've never seen that opera before, so it's bound to be entertaining.

But I need something better than a suit to wear to the gala. Hmm...

Uhm, Rangiku? Could you help me find a... uhm, a dress?

Mar. 9th, 2007

ticked off

Log 012



Sorry, but this is... gah! This is worse than the thing with the paperwork getting folded into origami chocobos! This is almost as bad as getting hung upside down on the side of a sheer cliff face; not quite that bad, but this is still pretty horrible. The cage is empty. There is no blue gerbil there. My pet is missing.

Reno, if you fed Nemo to that piranha of yours, I swear...

Also, I saw another one of those shadow things out of the corner of my eye today. In the stairwell between the second and third floors.

This school is getting weirder by the moment. Gah!

Feb. 16th, 2007

loyal to the end

(no subject)

Has anyone seen Tseng? He usually passes by my dorm on the way to wherever it is he goes at this time of night, but this time, he wasn't there. It's kind of weird, isn't it, Reno? Have you seen Tseng today? Has he been in the area? I got a small amount of info to deliver to him regarding the investigation, but I can't deliver it if he's not around!

This isn't like Tseng. Not at all. I'm a little worried. No word, no sign, no nothing. Where did he go to?


Feb. 6th, 2007

loyal to the end

Log 011

I didn't know the guy. But oh Ifrit, that's a rotten way to go. Man. The poor dean. The poor, poor man.

May he rest in peace and his spirit go on to greater things.

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