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Feb. 3rd, 2007

are you for real?

Log 010

Something keeps knocking the papers off of my desk. I've looked around here and there's nothing. Nemo hasn't escaped his cage, and the window's not open. I keep getting a chill up my spine, though. Anybody else having these weird things going on in their dorms? And what was that ruckus before about? Who's this Riku guy?

Uhm, Tseng, sir? Thank you for dinner. I, uhm, I really appreciated it. And I... well, I hope we can do that again sometime. And best of all, nothing interrupted it. No explosions or giant meteors in the sky. N-not to make light of the Meteor Incident, of course.

Reno? How many fish are you going to go through before one lasts more than three days? Remind me not to ever let you babysit my gerbil.

...And there go my papers again. And a few things fell off of my bed, too. I keep seeing a shadow out of one eye, but there's nothing there. Am I losing my mind?

Jan. 25th, 2007

coloful girl

Log 009

Career Day! And wow, it was busy. I still don't know what that one woman wanted with a wrist splint and ten bottles of painkillers, but I wasn't going to ask. She probably knows somebody in pain. She bought some balloons, too, so I guess it was for a "cheer up" visit.

I wonder how all those soda bottles managed to explode at once. That was kind of freaky. But I did get to say "clean-up on Aisle 5" over the intercom, so there's that. Still... >.> Reno? Anything weird happen on your side of the store? Or during lunch break? Just wondering.

Ugh. Thank goodness for that Day-Quil stuff. Whatever it is, it made my cold feel a little less severe. It helped out so much that I don't know how to put it in words.

Jan. 23rd, 2007

coloful girl

Log 008

Made a friend just by sitting outside in the sun after that fire incident. He seems okay, but I wonder why he's got issues with that one person. Hmm. Hey Reno, what's your roomie like? Maybe that'll explain it!

On the bad side, I have a cold. So if you hear me sneezing really loudly, Shacho, I apologize. I did manage to get my measurements done before this cold hit me straight in the face. Nothing major to report, but I hope the new suits arrive soon. I want to look good for the Wutai Fesitval, after all.

Intermediate Algebra makes my head hurt. It's not that the class is too hard. The teacher just babbles a little too fast at times and I wind up missing something important while I'm trying to keep up with my notes. Ugh. I'm really going to burn through all of the ibuprofin in Desai before this class ends.

Nemo's okay. He wasn't happy with the sprinkers thing, but he's unharmed. I have to hit the pet store and buy some more wood shavings for his cage. And maybe a couple toys wouldn't go amiss.

Can't say the same for the paperwork, though. The water completely ruined it. And it took me all of an afternoon to dry it out and salvage what I could. It wasn't the best two days ever.

Anybody know how to cure a cold?

Jan. 21st, 2007

ticked off

Log 007

What the heck set off the fire alarms? And it soaked the paperwork I was doing, too. D: Hey! Whoever's setting stuff on fire, could you please knock it off? Some of us have work to do here!

Things like this never happened back home. Aside from the building being blown up, but before that, it was peaceful. Urgh. This school is so insane.

Shacho? Reno? Tseng? You okay? Was the fire on our floor? Nothing's ruined, right?

Jan. 18th, 2007


Log 006

My class list!

World Literature
Intro to Desai History
Intro to Inter-World History
Intermediate Algebra (blech, math)
Theory of Blue Magic

After all, a girl's got to be able to defend herself. Right? And at any rate, ithis'll help me with my job. Maybe I can get Reno to stop calling me "rookie". It's getting a little old. So I got captured once and hung upside down. It wasn't entirely my fault! And it all got fixed in the end. So I'm not exactly the rookie any more.

Career Week, Reno. Shopping carts. >:D

Jan. 14th, 2007


Log 005

I'm in a good mood! Not even Career Day can get me down right now. You hear that, Reno? I'm in a great mood today! :D And who knows? Maybe this grocery store manager thing could turn out okay. I mean, I work with Reno all the time. There's no way that grocery store can be more chaotic than my regular job.

Cloud? Uhm, thanks for not hurting Reno too much. Sheesh, it's like old times all over again. Just don't fly off the handle for a while, okay? Just ignore how annoying he is. I do it all the time! And it... doesn't really work, but at least I try. So give it a shot! It can't hurt, after all. And less doors get chopped up in the process.

...It took a long time, but it's finally going to happen! And that makes me so happy! I just wonder where the reservations are. Hmm.

Jan. 13th, 2007

are you for real?

Log 004

Career Day = yuck. Bad enough I got chosen as a grocery store manager (what the heck is that about), but to partner me with Reno, of all people? Don't  I work with him enough without throwing cans and food and shopping carts into the mix? Ugh. I better start practicing saying "clean-up in aisle 5", because I have the feeling that I'm going to be saying that a lot.

Reno? Don't even think about bugging me when this happens. Don't even. Or so help me, you're going to regret it! And I mean it this time! Not like the other... well, about two hundred times I've said that over time.

...At least I'll be able to buy aspirin on Career Day. That's the one bright spot in all of this: no shortage of generic-brand painkillers. At least I won't have a massive pounding headache by day's end.

Jan. 12th, 2007

the rookie

Log 003

So!  got myself a gerbil for my dorm. His name is Nemo (don't ask, please) and he's such a cute little ball of fuzz. As soon as I can find where I put my camera, I'll show you a photo of the little guy. But he's blue! Blue-ish, but still. I saw him and decided that he was the one I wanted. Who knew the pet store would have so many birds but almost no gerbils? But I'm happy with the one I got. I wonder if they can learn tricks...

I'm also feeling a lot better now. :) I was a little worried yesterday about the health of my boss, but now I'm okay. Things'll turn out for the best in the end. As long as I don't give up and stop trying my very best, it'll turn out the way it should. Doesn't mean I won't stop doing my absolute best, though! And it doesn't mean I can't beat Reno in our bet. :P

And that's about it on this end! Except maybe this: thanks. Yeah. Thank you very much!

Jan. 10th, 2007

serious face

Log 002

Shacho? We need to talk. Soon. Okay? If that's all right with you, of course. But still... I need to discuss something with you.

Also, who're my suitemates for this semester? I'd like to know who you are, okay? And I promise to not be a nuisance when I'm up late working on stuff! Just let me know who you are. Okay? Thanks in advance!

Should I get a hampster or a gerbil for my dorm? Hmm, decisions, decisions!

Dec. 31st, 2006

coloful girl

Log 001

This school is weird. Way weird. The people are weird too, although a couple of them seem like nice people. Especially the ones who I talked to last night. Like, uhm... Rangiku, I think the name was. And one of the professors said hello, too, so I think things are gonna work out okay. It's a good thing I got everything set up in the dorm before I logged onto the network, though. Otherwise I might still be packing away clothes and belongings right now!

So my dorm room number is 305A in the Vertigo Towers dorm. I'd like to know who's living next door to me on either side. Maybe make a few friends in the dorm. It couldn't hurt, after all! Maybe if somebody in one of those rooms is in a history class with me, we could study together? (Although I have no idea what the work load's like yet, so that can wait, I think.) I don't have a roomie yet, which is nice. I can stay up late working if need be.

Also, this is just a general note. I need to research restaurants near campus. That's the sort of stuff anybody needs to know right off the bat. Sort of like a plan of action, as it were. Yeah, a battle plan. Or at least so I know which place delivers. For late-night cram sessions and when I'm too lazy to go outside on my own.

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