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coloful girl


Paperwork's really been piling up lately. As fast as I fill it out, more arrives! I've gotten pretty good at filing it quickly and moving on. Sis'd be proud of me; maybe I beat her at that much. It seems like there's a lot of stuff that's happened around here! Ever since that one week...

...I was in the hospital for a while after that. Who were those people who pulled us out? I don't mind the help; anything was better than that foggy town. Than being chased. Heck, compared to that place, the hospital was a paradise! At least that one nurse would get me more gelatin if I asked for it.

Tseng, sir! Don't forget that you still owe me that dinner. And let's hope that nothing else weird happens this time. It's been interrupted enough times, you know?


As a hippie (as of 2 seconds ago), I believe in revolution. Keep that carbon cycle moving! File those papers out the window and back into nature!

Bonus: You'll be extra speedy. :D.
What's a 'hippie'? If it has something to do with paperwork, then it sounds nifty.

I'll be blindingly speedy! Faster than a beam of light, even. Heh.
Hippies are one of the very things that we as Turks stand against, Elena. We are clean, orderly and prize efficiency; they do not.
Ohhhhh, okay. I guess there are a lot of things I still need to learn about. How did I not know that? Sorry.

I'll stick with being a Turk, then.
You've led a sheltered life. I forgive you.
STOP PERPETUATING THE STEREOTYPE, WOW. I am clean thankyouverymuch. And I can be efficient and orderly! I just choose not to until I am an old fart like the rest of you.
Somehow I doubt any of this. Now go off and roll your joints, the grown-ups have business to attend to.
I see you Turkeys don't happen to stand for logic (or ethics)! There's more out there than being an uptight wombatgut or being a street bum, you know.

YOU PROBABLY DON'T. Loser. I bet you sleep with a book of dumb rules under your pillow. Happy mediums, lern2speakit.
And I see that you can't begin to understand the brand of logic or ethics that we subscribe to.

Elena, do not bother interacting with this buffoon unless you've been ordered to kill it.