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coloful girl

What is going on around here?!

Somebody come here and explain this to me. Please. What's going on?

Reno? Shacho? Tseng? Tamaki? Please be all right.


You might be able to find helpful information from this woman.

Are you harmed?
I-I'll go ask her. At least someone knows what's going on. Thank you!

N-no. I'm fine. But my door, it... it won't open. My head hurts.
Elena, report! What the hell just happened, where are you?
Tseng... Tseng!

I-I'm in my room in the hotel. I'm locked in! There are chains... I keep kicking on the door, but it won't open. Nobody can hear me!

Tseng... I'm scared.


Locked... in your hotel room? The hell?

Stay calm, I'm on my way.


[Tseng shows up about fifteen minutes later, as he's in the same district. He can be seen through the peephole in Elena's door, inspecting the lock and trying to jiggle it open.]


[Scowling, he presses his ear to the door and hears nothing.]

Is she really in there...?


[Elena, meanwhile, is pounding on the door as hard as she can and is yelling at the top of her lungs.]

Tseng! Tseng, I'm here! Please! Can you hear me? Let me out of here!!

[She sobs once and stops hitting the door.]

Please get me out of here. Somebody...

2/2 (on the communicator)

I'm here! Could you hear me? I was yelling as loud as I could, sir!

This is... this is terrifying.


Elena, I hear nothing from inside that door.

Stay put, don't panic, I'm going to take this up with MDEA and get you out of wherever you are!

[and with that, Tseng walks off, leaving the view out of the peephole empty. behind him? Rows of bloody handprints.]
[The bloody handprints definitely freak Elena right the hell out. She jerks away from the peephole with a startled gasp. Okay, no more looking out there for HER, thank you very much!]

How long is that going to take? Oh man...

voice transmission

[kshhhh] -eno?

Ren- [kshhh] -an't hear you very wel- [kshhhh]

[kshhhh] -m scared.