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on the job


Shacho got contact from a group called MDEA , saying they were interested in our world. Why, I don't know. We're trying our best to rebuild after the Meteor Crisis and everything that came from that. They wanted Tseng- my superior- to come to this place as an ambassador. I don't know why these guys were so interested in us, but he went.

So I followed. Hey, we're Turks. We stick together! Or at least I try to stick close to them. It's hard, what with Reno getting drunk and Tseng docking his pay and all. I swear, it's hard work being one of the sane ones! At least the trip wasn't that horrible. (I've been in worse situations. Trust me.)

Here's what I don't get. Why did I have to give up my gun and my Materia? I like that Materia! And that gun. Hmph. Stupid customs people. Anybody know how I can get it back? I don't use it except for self-defense, I swear!

I wonder if anybody else got through yet...


Huh, so you're one of them?
Hmph! Hello to you too, Cloud. Thanks for the warm welcome.
Yeah, sorry, Elena. Still in Customs?
Yeah. They're demanding I hand over all of my weapons. Even my Materia! Geez. How'm I supposed to do my job if I'm unarmed?
Ask them if they have the bodyguard clearance forms for the use and registration of weapons in the performance of your duty. I forget what number, but it's what got me my sword back.
Oooh. I like the way your mind works, Cloud. I'll give that a shot! How fast do they give your stuff back with those forms?
...Thanks. I think. They won't give back the materia. Something about magic being illegal, but the weapons are handed back after the forms go through the proper people.
Shiva damn it, I worked hard to master that Materia. Stupid jerks. ...At least I can have my guns back. So that's something, at least.

Hey, have you heard from Tseng? I've got no idea where the heck to start looking for him in this place.
Yeah, same here.

I herd from him earlier, said something about a meeting.

| Locked to Elena - unhackable |

He and I came to an agreement. We're going to work together and keep an eye on this MDEA place. There are too many factors that are not sitting right, including them knowing far too much about the General. They don't need to know anything about him, me or the Project.
Good. So he's here, at least! I better find him.

| Locked to Cloud - unhackable |

They know about the General? I'm guessing they know about Jenova then, too, huh? Man, whatever these guys are, there's something shifty about them. I'm willing to work with you on this one, Cloud.

If they hurt Shacho, they'll regret it.
Good luck.

| Locked to Elena - unhackable |

General stuff about both, mostly. I think they were trying to dig deeper but all I told them was the stuff the reporters had talked about. Agreed. This is between our groups, not this MDEA thing.

Customs is a real pain, isn't it? At least you have someone you know here!

Hi, my name's Vash! I just got in last night!
It is! But yeah, my boss is here! Well, h's my boss. Then there's Shacho. He's my boss boss. o_o Corporate structure stuff, you know.

Hi, Vash! I'm Elena! You know why they took my guns, Vash? Jerks.
Well, that's good! And that must be confusing...

It's nice to meet you, Elena! And no, I'm not sure why... They've still got mine!
Nah, not that confusing. You get used to it after a while. And it's my job. So I listen to Tseng and Shacho!

Aaw, that stinks! Why invite people if they're gonna poke and prod and take their stuff? I hope you get your guns back, Vash.
That's good! You must be good at your job by now!

Well, they didn't invite me so much as give me the old bait-and-switch, so maybe I'm suspicious now? Thank you, I hope so too!
One of my coworkers calls me "rookie" all the time. But I'm not a rookie! Or at least, I'm not quite as much of a rookie.

They did a what now?
You're way less of a rookie than I would be!

I thought I was going one place and I got taken here instead! My ticket lied to me. And I can't even remember where I was supposed to be going!
Well, yeah. I've got experience. :p

Oh man, that stinks! So you woke up on the train or something, right? I wonder where you were going...
Well, I was on the train and then I fell asleep and woke up and it was pulling in here! Yeah, I wonder that too!
Weeeeeeird. Maybe you slept through a route change? That's just weird. Do you remember where you were before you fell asleep? Like, the scenery or something?
I don't know, maybe I did... I just remember it looking like home. You know, all desert.
...Your home is all desert?
Yeah! Kind of boring to look at, really... What's it like where you're from?
Well, my hometown's always snowy. It's cold, but I love it there. It's the furthest north settlement in my world. I havn't been back there in a while, though.

The place I live... it was a big city. We're trying to rebuild. But I'm not giving up until the world's back as it was. So we've got all kinds of places where I'm from.
Wow, so it's kinda like the opposite of my home!

That's good! At least it's changing for the better!